Babybox and Family Joha Body in Wool & Silk 68/74

Body in wool & silk

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Of all the wool & silk bodysuits we have tried out, we like Joha's the best. It sits close to the body, the neckline is just right. Even after several washes it keeps its shape. It is suitable for all seasons, because the wonderful temperature balancing properties of wool & silk come together. Dress it also to a newborn baby in summer, e.g. under a Rompers made of organic cotton.

Care instructions - Wool & Silk

Our recommendation to always read the care instructions in the respective garments, the special composition of the manufacturer and the origin of the materials often require individual care.

Basically you should use a laundry bag for your wool laundry, this will reduce the friction on the washing machine drum and thus the risk of felting. Textiles made of wool/silk do not soil as fast as cotton textiles, usually it is sufficient to air the textiles and only wash them when they are really dirty. Always wash wool & silk in the wool wash cycle and make sure that the setting uses cold water, not 30 degrees. Basically, the older the washing machine is, the worse the wool programme is often and it can lead to problems. Also pay attention to the spinning speed, it should be greatly reduced and no final spin should be set. Furthermore, you should use a high-quality, biological wool detergent and not a conventional one. Dry your wool laundry lying on a towel and carefully pull it into shape after washing. Please never dry your wool clothes in the blazing sun, in the dryer or on the heater.

In the BabyBox we use the wool shampoo from Disana, it is particularly mild and ideally suited for all natural wools.

We have had good experience with our Joha products, washing them at 30 degrees in the wool wash cycle. (but we do not give any guarantee)

In brief:

  • Sort laundry by colour, temperature and material
  • Heavy-duty detergents and colour detergents are sufficient as standard detergents
  • Pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions regarding the quantity of detergent to be used
  • Select the washing program according to the information on the label
  • Ensure that the drum is filled correctly

In brief:

  • Drying in the fresh air is best
  • Do not hang sensitive materials in the blazing sun
  • Dry knitwear lying down
  • Ensure good ventilation

Clothes sizes at a glance

The sizes are in cm depending on the age or size of the child. If you are in doubt which is the right size for our BABYBOX or our products, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Age Dress size (in cm) Body height in cm
0-1 months 50 44-50
1-2 months 56 51-56
2-3 months 62 57-62
4-6 months 68 63-68
7-9 months 74 69-74
10-12 months 80 75-80
13-18 months 86 81-86
2 years 92 87-92
3 years 98 93-98
4 years 104 99-104
5 years 110 105-110
6 years 116 111-116
7 years 122 117-122
8 years 128 123-128
9 years 134 129-134
10 years 140 135-140

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